What was 2017 like for the football team at Christ the King School

From the very beginning of the founding of the high school football team, she showed herself to be a very positive side: she constantly took part in various school championships, won prizes with huge scores and defeated opponents. But what was 2017 for her?

What happened two years ago

During the sports seasons of 2015 and 2016, the crew of the King’s school proved to be incredibly talented, professional and well-coordinated. They could easily win against opponents of various levels and participate in various programs, regardless of the level of classification. Many victories and points won brought success to the team, and the school of Christ the King brought a new level in the segment of sports disciplines.
Of course, there were some negative aspects as well. And unfortunately, no matter how professional and talented football students are, sometimes they can make mistakes. For example, it happened in the semi-finals of the playoffs in 2015, when they lost the match by a single point.

What the loss of the best players brought to the football crew

At the end of the 2015-2016 football season, the Christ the King School crew faced unforeseen difficulties. Such difficulties were the transition of a large number of grandiose players to other teams of a higher level, which occurred due to the maturation of students. In total, about 20 football players were lost at the end, including three forwards, two top defenders and three promising goalkeepers. The crew, which had just been on the crest of a wave, remained practically naked.
However, after great performances in previous seasons, the crew had to maintain their level and move on. The head coach did not give up and made confident steps. During his interview, he said that new players would be taken to the crew, and real professionals would be brought up from children. The main words of the coach were that the players should appreciate their team and know that they are waiting for the place of the winners.

One good event offset the negative effect of losses

The team was desperate, despite the fact that the coach tried to cheer them up. It was at this moment, a moment of complete and total negativity, that something happened that helped to motivate the crew again and lift their spirits. It was in 2017, at the beginning of the football season, that one person returned to the crew, who had left it a year earlier. In 2015, he was the leading player on the King’s crew. In 2017, he decided to return. For a year of activity outside the team, the footballers managed to score a total of about 80 goals in the classification of his age. Thus, having returned to the team, he not only raised the rating of the King’s players, but also added motivation and ambition to his colleagues for a successful performance in the new football season.

Behind every cloud there is a silver lining

As the well-known proverb says: “It is all for the better.” The same thing happened with the football team of Christ the King High School. It would seem that when the whole world stood up against them and there was no way out, it was then that the stars were in their favor. The return of a leading player to the crew at the beginning of the football season was a powerful impetus that helped to motivate the players at the very beginning of the competitive season. Looking ahead, we want to tell you that it was the 2017 season that became the most unpredictable and positive for the King’s team. No difficulties could break the spirit of the players, but on the contrary, they only tempered their endurance and patience.