The Basketball Spirit of Students at Christ the King Regional School is Amazing

The Regional School of Christ the King, which is located in New York, in the United States, considers its mission to promote the development of the sports interest of pupils, helping them grow not only in terms of education, but also in the field of their sports hobbies. One of these sports hobbies is the discipline of basketball. Many students of this educational institution are members of crews, train with pleasure and take part in many championships between schools, defeating their opponents.

The success of winning the title of the city by the royal basketball team

March 2019 was a big month for the sports football team. In the cross-sectional sport championship, which takes place every year between teams from different high schools, the Christ the King crew won a landslide victory by five points over a crew from another school in New York State. The match was played on March 10 as part of the CHSAA ‘AA’ Championship.
This result of the game marked the team’s first victory since 2015. Four years were not very productive for the sport players. However, five years earlier, members of the royal team were able to win five city titles out of a possible six.
In winning the city title in 2019, the crew automatically entered the playoffs. However, unfortunately, one of the defenders suffered an injury, and immediately there were concerns about the performance of basketball players in the playoffs. The problem was solved and the team was able to perform decently in the playoffs.

Difficulties faced by the Royal Basketball players in the first half of the game

The first minutes of the match for the King’s basketball players were not very simple. They stubbornly held the defense, but still the defense was broken through. The first quarter ended with a six-point lead to the opposing crew, and this advantage increased to 12 points already at the beginning of the second quarter. In the second quarter, the team from the Christ the King School confidently started the game and finished the first half with eight points behind. Unfortunately, the basketball players were able to miss the three-point offensive techniques, but they themselves tried to choose the right attacking techniques. All that the King’s team managed to do was to resist the attack of the opponent. The opponent simply did not give the opportunity to carry out attacks. And the main task in basketball is hitting and attacking.

Decisive brilliant fourth quarter

Despite all the difficulties of the situation in the first three quarters, the crew of Christ the King School pulled themselves together and showed themselves worthy in the last quarter. In a series of free throws, she beat the subscriber with a devastating score and a 15-point advantage. It was this handicap in free throws that gave the team the opportunity to defeat an opponent. These victorious goals turned out to be key and decisive in becoming a strong medalist and winning the city title for the first time since 2015.

Christ the King School can be proud of its basketball students

As you can see, the most important factor in victory is determination, perseverance and endurance. The King’s team managed to assess the situation, resist the opposing team and perform brilliantly in the last quarter, thus securing the title of the city of the CHSAA ‘AA’ Championship. After such events, the Regional High School reached a new level in the field of sports, especially basketball. The mission with which the educational institution functions is fully justified.