Christ the King High School can be proud of the Queens title thanks to the ladies football team

October 2018 marked a major turning point for the school’s women’s football team. The result of all victories in various matches was the receipt of the Queens title, after the last competition, in which the team won with a score of 1-0.

Meeting of the titans in the first half

The winning match can rightfully be called a confrontation between the titans. In the final, the two strongest teams of opponents had the honor to fight. In fact, until the last moment of the game, it was not exactly clear who would receive the title for their crew.
The first half was generally very tense. The Christ the King school team immediately launched a decisive attack and took control of the ball. This attack is also called aggressive pressing. In general, we can say that the first half was completely controlled by the King’s team. In the first half of the game, several moments were produced by decisive attacks, but the goal was not scored.
The most interesting thing is that our crew still had a chance to open the scoring in the first half, but the opponent’s goalkeeper successfully repelled the attack and hit the ball.

Decisive actions of the Lady team in the second half

As for the second round, both opponents immediately entered the game with enthusiasm. The tension grew even more, and until now it was not known who would be the winner of the fight. In the second half, the King’s women’s crew was able to extend their attacks to both hoses and improve their aggressive pressing. The second-year student decisively beat the opponent’s defense and managed to score the first and only goal in this match with an accurate shot. With her actions, she not only opened the scoring of the game, but also brought her crew the desired Queens title and victory.
This title can easily be called hard-won, because the team managed not only to repel all attacks and put them in front of the enemy, but also to expand their powers to the second flank, in general, a third of the opponent and skillfully work for a goal scored.

The Ladies continued the series of victories and brought a new title

And again the crew managed to choose a victory. With a two-point lead, they beat an opponent from another high school and took the New York title for themselves. The title of New York was added to the title of Vinnitsa just a week later. The team was able to reach this level for the third time in the last six years. Both goals were scored in the second half, and brought the crew a landslide victory. Tape was able to confidently repel the attack of the subscriber, preventing them from getting closer to the gate.

What’s next for girls footballers in the season?

It would seem that this can complete the 2018 football season. But more tests have been prepared for the Christ the Tsar high school crew. They will have several matches with high school teams from Long Island, where they will fight in the semifinals of the New York State Championship between the junior women’s teams.

The Lady Football team is the pride of Christ the King School

All the matches played, all the points scored, attacks, victories and efforts that were in 2018 rightfully made the women’s football crew a real pride of the educational institution of Christ the King. Thus, the autumn 2018 football season was completed at a very high level. The girls of the team were full of energy and motivation for new achievements.