Fall 2014 was the heyday of the King Royals football team

The all-boys football team has shown the fastest growth rates since 2010 within the programs of not only the entire educational institution, but also the program of the city of New York. Moreover, the soccer crew of the educational institution performed at a high level of the soccer league CHSAA.

What is the team’s home school?

Christ the King Regional High School is a college-ready school for boys and girls. In addition to classical education, the educational institution provides an opportunity for the wide development of students in the field of sports, providing the opportunity to choose a sports discipline to your taste and develop in this area. The school campus itself is located in New York, in the United States of America, and it was founded in 1962.
The educational institution itself calls its mission to provide the necessary opportunities for students to practice various sports, and prepare them to perform at a high level among competitors. In addition, the educational institution claims that they are committed to helping each of their students grow and develop in the field of sports, as well as in the fields of classical education and social sciences.

Why is 2014 so significant for the Royal School team

First of all, it should be said that the team began its development path in 2010, when it was fully staffed and a new coach came to power, who was able to bring the boys to such a level. These four years have been filled with hard training, lots of motivation, pain, patience and effort. But it was worth everything.
It was in 2014 that the boys’ soccer crew performed best in the competition and won the soccer title CHSAA. Thus the Christ the King School has set a very high bar in their football performances.
It is fair that a lot of effort was made by the student footballers themselves, but we should also give credit to the head coach, who invested a lot of knowledge and skills in the athletes. It was he who took the boy in 2010 and brought him to such a brilliant result in four years.

Achievements of the Kings team

Even at the very beginning of the 2014 soccer season, the Christos King team defeated their opponents from another school. Many matches were played in a draw. The most notable point is that the team has only lost once since its first loss in the football arena. After the loss situation, a new program was developed, which allowed us to rise to such a high bar at the end of the season. The strongest players were involved in defense and attacking events.
The players themselves admit that the words of the coach, in which it sounded that the team is one whole, and not individuals, had a very big influence on them. If you lost together, then you need to climb new levels together.
But the most important achievement of the 2014 season was that the team was recognized as a worthy opponent in the CHSAA soccer league, and it also proved that it can not only compete at the same level with league teams in the CHSAA league, but also knows how to beat them. A successfully completed season gives new motivation and ambition to move on in subsequent seasons of games. And the demonstration of such a high level of performance brings the school of Christ the King to a new level in terms of sports.

Christ the King football players spent the last week of the season with benefit

Another important achievement of the soccer crew was that the last full week of the 2014 soccer season ended with stunning victories. The opponents of the team were the football players of Brooklyn and Molloy. It should be noted that both games ended in a devastating score – the first game ended with a score of 6:1, and the second 7:2 in favor of the Kings crew.

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Moreover, the captain of the team showed the most brilliant result, scoring as many as six goals in more than one game.

One of the attackers, who is also considered the star of the team, added one more goal to his piggy bank. Together, the captain and attackers ended the 2014 football season with a total of 32 goals, which is an amazing result.

Impressive season for the royal team and the school of Christ the King

Well, it was precisely according to the results of the 2014 season that the educational institution and the regional school of Christ the King turned out to be on top, the football crew of the school, in addition to receiving the main soccer title due to the soccer league CHSAA, also won the three most difficult games of the season: having won over two teams 5:1 and 3:1, and also finished the regular time with the third crew in a draw, and scored a decisive goal in extra minutes. Almost no one expected such a level of performance from the royal team, but nevertheless they were able to show such a level.

What to expect in subsequent performances from the Kings soccer crew?

If we take into account the fact that they have been going to such a brilliant and stunning success for four years, we can assure you that this crew is now at the peak of its strength, endurance and ambition. Defeating many opposing teams from other regional schools, winning the title and a place in the CHSAA football league – all these things further motivate boys soccer players to stay on the crest of the wave.